Why You Need Business IT Support From a Managed Service Provider

In today’s business world it is critical that a company keep up with customer demand and expectations. Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and if your business is not equipped to handle its evolution, you could be left behind. Not only do you need to maintain the latest level of technology, you must be sure that you are secure from security threats that can cost your business tons of money to recover lost or stolen data. Data loss can mean losing valuable customers or even shutting down the business.

This is why IT support from a managed service provider (MSP) is important. Businesses that don’t get the right amount of IT support from MSPs hurt their long-term growth and potential. Here we discuss reasons why you need business IT support from a managed service provider.

Inadequate Technical Support Without an MSP

 It is amazing how many small and medium-sized businesses depend on an employee who just happens to be more interested in computers than the rest of the staff for their IT needs. While the video game nerd may have more knowledge than the boss or their colleagues, this is not nearly enough support to keep your company running sufficiently. Maybe the company uses phone support, or a the service department of the big box electronic store.

These solutions can require reinstallation which leads to data loss, as well as never getting the same technician twice. With a MSP you get a qualified IT expert who will offer the appropriate services for your situation, as well as get to know you and your company’s needs so you aren’t always dealing with a stranger.

An MSP is More Cost-Effective for Business

The unfortunate truth is that during rough economic times, the IT budget is one of the first to be reduced. With a MSP, you can work with them to form a contract that is appropriate for your budget, and you can hire them to take care of only what you truly need. Labor costs are reduced since hiring and training an in-house IT staff can be quite expensive.

Increased Security with MSPs

 As we mentioned earlier, technology security is essential for a business. Without the right amount of protection, your company can experience major setbacks that seriously hinder its growth and development. With an MSP, part of the contract is that you get 24/7 monitoring of your system, 365 days a year. They know what type of security you need for your company, and it will always be updated to meet the latest standards. Your MSP will establish backup disaster recovery so you don’t lose any data or time when a catastrophe or attempted breach occurs.

MSPs Implement New Technology Quickly

 When it is time to implement new technology, an in-house staff can take weeks or months to hire the right people, provide training and support needed. A MSP is already knowledgeable about the newest technologies and has the resources to start setting you up with new technology right away. This is cost effective and time saving, both essential to the growth of a business.

Contact us today about becoming your managed service provider so we can handle all your business IT support. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you have about or services and solutions.