VoIP Security

4 reasons you need VoIP security

Businesses adopt VoIP technology because it offers many advantages over traditional phone systems. VoIP systems help businesses thrive, but you need to know about potential VoIP security vulnerabilities and how to protect your organization from them.
office workers united and working collaboratively

4 ways unified communications is revolutionizing business

Building a network of unified communications is an art as much as a science. For sure, there's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, your unified communications system can meet the unique demands of your small business.
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7 ways to improve unified communications security

Managing unified communications security isn’t too different from managing any other security concern. Keep your business safe by making sure you have the right procedures in place. Consider these best practices when setting up and using your unified communications platform.
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3 Office Technologies You Can Modernize

There are a few ways that businesses can take advantage of new tech to make work easier without investing thousands of dollars.
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5 Benefits of E-fax That You Need to Know About

Despite the rise of email communication and social media, people still send 17 billion faxes every year. There’s a reason why.
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4 Alternatives to Traditional Faxing

Before the fax machine, businesses had to rely on regular mail service or delivery services. That’s no longer the case.
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3 Ways Wireless Solutions Benefit Your Business

Wireless solutions of all kinds have seen a significant adoption rate in business and the impact they’ve had is astronomical.

3 Key Features of Video Conferencing

Ah, nostalgia – most of us remember the frontier days of video conferencing. Luckily, it’s changed a lot since then.

Phone Features That Will Save You Time and Money

See a breakdown of the latest and greatest phone features that will save you time and money.
VoIP trends personified through a digital face.

The Latest VoIP Trends and What They Mean for Your Business

If you run a company and you want to optimize your communication processes, it's time to focus on VoIP.