female doctors talking to each other with paper EHR health records

4 top EHR security concerns and how to address them

Keeping data secure is a concern for businesses in all industries, but securing electronic health records (EHR) presents a unique set of challenges. Learn the 4 top challenges and concerns when it comes to keeping EHR safe and how to address them.
Digital cloud for OPEX

Innovating with Cloud-Based Healthcare Software

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm, and nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare industry.
Telecom services in hospital.

For Hospitals, Telecom Services Are Paramount

Every day, tens of thousands of patients make their way in and out of hospitals around the world. Having the proper telecom services in place in a hospital can make the difference between life and death.

Building Your Healthcare Network Infrastructure

Building your healthcare infrastructure is no easy task. We know…
doctors looking at laptop discussing HIPAA compliance

Your guide to HIPAA and keeping your business compliant

Insurance companies, medical equipment providers and pharmacies are just a few of the types of businesses responsible for protecting the privacy of such records. In fact, anyone who qualifies as a covered entity, a business associate of a healthcare provider is bound by HIPAA.

Why VoIP Solutions Are the Best Options for Hospitals

In 2014, total admission to registered hospitals was 35,416,020…

Using Cloud Service to Maintain HIPAA Compliance

The industry has embraced health information technology, health…

Benefits of Partnering With an IT Managed Services Provider

Healthcare environments present unique security and management…