Phone Features That Will Save You Time and Money

Whether you’re considering buying a business phone system for the first time or the first time in a long time, you may not know about all of the innovative and useful features available – features that can save your business time and money.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the latest and greatest:

Hot Desking icon

1. Hot Desking

is a feature that allows users to log into any phone set up for hot desking. In other words, employees can desk share and don’t need a space of their own. This works well for businesses like real estate companies and other industries where employees are out of the office a lot.

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Presence Icon

2. Presence

is a feature that allows people within your company to see if someone is in the office, on a call, gone for the day, etc. It saves you from having to track people down and lets you route calls to the right place while letting the caller know exactly what to expect.

Unified messaging Icon

3.Unified messaging

allows all your voicemail, email, fax and text messages to be accessed through one access point on your computer.

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Audio/video conferencing Icon

4. Audio/video conferencing

allows you to join anywhere from two lines to several on a single call. More advanced systems offer video conferencing as well.

Do Not Disturb Icon

5. Do Not Disturb

allows you to dig in and get some work done. This feature enables you to silence your phone entirely and send calls to voicemail or reroute them to another person so you can.

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Today’s business phone systems offer truly innovative solutions that can help employees communicate more effectively and work more efficiently. Evaluate your company’s needs and wants – and consider all the options. Though you may not need a feature today, it doesn’t mean you won’t regret not getting it a year or two down the road.