Network Security Specialist

Network Security Specialist: A Technology Cowboy

The street outside your office is quieter than usual as he rolls into town – a lone car cruising in from across town. He’s passed through before, usually on the way to some other business, though he never stays for long. They say when there’s a job to be done, he’s the one to do it. Hackers and malware fear him, your employees look up to him, and the in-house IT staff wants to be him. He’s a lone wolf. He’s a network security specialist, and today he’s here for you.

There’s a hush as he walks through the door. He doesn’t have spurs, but the shuffling of his sneakers on the floor has the same effect. After a few pleasantries, he gets to work. By the end of the day, the digital bandits that your business fears will be six feet under.

A Network Security Specialist Has All The Right Tools

A cowboy in a classic Western has to rely on the tools of his trade. Every great lawman has a pair of six-shooters on his belt, a trusty knife, and a lasso at all times. Unfortunately most digital threats are immune to both bullets and being hog-tied, so the network security specialist relies on different tools. His laptop is loaded with protective software and the secrets of his trade dwell in the flash drive hanging from his lanyard. He won’t have to ride into the countryside to rescue a damsel in distress from a wild band of raiders or liberate a runaway train from a gang of robbers; he can do his job just as effectively from a free table in the office.

He won’t need a map of your county, but he will need a map of your network, and while a cowboy might drink the town dry at the saloon, a network security specialist will probably be pleased with a Mountain Dew from the break room fridge. The best part, though? Dispatching threats to your business almost never culminates in a cinematic shootout that leaves half the office looking like Swiss cheese.

A Network Security Specialist Gets The Job Done

At the end of the day, every good cowboy gets the job done, and every bandit in the county knows to steer clear of a town under his protection. By the time a network security specialist is finished, you’ll never stress out about the security of your network again. Your firewalls will be airtight, your employees will be properly educated on how they can keep the network secure, and malware will run for the hills the second it encounters your defenses.

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, protection is strong, but it doesn’t last forever. That’s why it’s important to have a network security specialist on call in case things go south, just like it’s important to know where the lawman is when the town militia comes up against a challenge it’s not prepared for. IPro Media has a team of cowboys ready to help your business with network security issues around the clock. Give us a call when you see a masked rider on the horizon and we’ll be there to help at a moment’s notice.