Mobilizing Your Workforce with Cloud Computing

Think about your team. We’re talking about the people who make up all the working parts of your organization. They work hard for you, putting in countless hours to help the company succeed.

Why, then, wouldn’t you take steps to ensure they not only can do the best job possible, but that they also get the most enjoyment out of their job as you can? The happier they are, the more they tend to do for the company. A study performed by the iOpener Institute for People and Performance found employees who report being happy at work take 10x fewer sick days than unhappy employees.

One great way to help them is by mobilizing your workforce with cloud computing. It makes it possible for your team to work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

The cloud, indeed, makes it possible for you and your people to get to your company data wherever they are, whenever they need to – with any smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device with Internet capabilities.

It doesn’t matter if you have people who work from home, who travel to meet with clients, or even those who visit job sites across the country. Cloud computing allows them to stay connected to their work.

Increased Productivity

Having universal, round-the-clock access to data means you and your people can not only access and work on projects from anywhere, they can also do so anytime.

For example: if, at 2 o’clock in the morning, one of your staff suddenly has a fantastic idea for a project they’re working on, they’re not restricted to hastily taking notes. They can race over to their personal computer, log in, and make the additions right then and there while the idea is still fresh in their head.

Also, consider your employees’ availability when they or a family member is under the weather.

Historically, they’ve simply “called in sick” – regardless of how important their input might be that day – and not worked at all. An office’s cloud environment can change all that. If a person is caring for an unwell loved one, or if they themselves are feeling well enough to work – but not necessarily well enough to come into work – the can log into cloud applications from home and contribute to the workday almost as effectively as if they were there in the office.

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According to U.S. News & World Report, telecommuters log 5 to 7 more hours per week than non-telecommuters often working even when they’re sick or on vacation. Giving your team this kind of accessibility and availability is one of the best ways to boost productivity within your organization.

Increased Security

One of the top concerns people initially have with migrating their office to the cloud is the worry of security risks. However, security measures with devices that access business files in the cloud are often stronger than those who don’t.

Think about it: if one of your people is traveling and discover their laptop is stolen – and their data is all stored locally on the laptop hard drive – the only thing keeping the thief from being able to access your company data is the device’s login screen (and that’s only if one was established beforehand).

Unfortunately, many hackers find it somewhat simple to get around a laptop login screen, thereby granting them instant access to your data. That’s a game over.

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On the other hand, if your data is stored in the cloud, the thief must get past the device’s login screen. Then, they must also know the employee’s cloud network username and password to gain access to your files. Doing so is a much more difficult feat than simply pulling up locally saved files, and – quite frankly – much more secure.

Streamline Workflow for More Time

We’ve already mentioned how working in the cloud can make life much easier for your team. But as an added bonus, it also can greatly assist management and ownership (namely, YOU) with reviews and approvals to get projects and assignments completed more quickly.

Imagine being on the road when you receive a call from the office.

An important project has been completed, but your team knows you want to look it over before it’s finalized. You could ask someone to email you the file – IF it’s small enough to email, that is. Or you could ask them to send you pictures of screenshots – which are fuzzy and hard to see any detail.

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When you operate in the cloud, however, you can simply receive a link to the project. You’re able to pull it up right then, and review each detail in order to make last minute changes. Or, you can always just approve it on the spot.

Even on the move, you’re working both effectively and quickly.

IPRO Can Send Your Office to the Cloud

Cloud computing is very quickly becoming less of a company convenience and more of a company necessity. As the world of business continues to evolve, more organizations will find themselves working in the Cloud.

IPRO has a special spot in the cloud just for you. In addition, we can also take care of your business communications, your managed IT services, and your network security needs.

Let’s talk about what we can do to help take your business to the next level.