The Importance of a Network Assessment

Building a strong and reliable network is like laying out a structured foundation for your business operations. When your network isn’t working – neither are your employees or your business.

When productivity comes to a standstill, your organization suffers lost revenue, employee disengagement, unhappy customers, and more. According to an IHS survey, companies report an average of five downtime events each month, with each downtime event being quite costly: from $1 million a year for a typical midsize company to more than $60 million for a large enterprise.

By having an outside, objective network assessment, you can figure out which aspects of your business network are holding you back as well as plan for the future.

Rather than worrying and asking yourself, “What’s going on with my network?” – a third-party network assessment can help you catch problems early on, before they affect your performance and bottom line.

Source: Network Computing

By having a solid foundation for employees to communicate effortlessly, protect information security, and access data readily, businesses can identify more opportunities for innovation and look ahead.

What Exactly is a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is essentially a review of your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, processes, security, and management to identify areas in need of improvement. Here are some of the top advantages of a network assessment:

Streamlining Resources

Perhaps your network is underusing or overusing resources. A professional network assessment can pinpoint areas of user traffic, devices causing the most hold-up, apps taking up too much bandwidth, and any other network problems that may be hindering your performance.

Our engineers take an in-depth look at your network to remove unnecessary devices and allocate the right resources accordingly.

Assess Bottlenecks and Failures

Identify any issues related to TCP, bottlenecks, etc. By having a full, documented view of your entire network as it stands, you can eliminate reduce bottlenecks and eliminate points of failure holding you back from reaching peak productivity.

Understand Your Network Vulnerabilities

Find and fix glaring security holes and vulnerabilities before hackers take advantage of them.

Source: IPRO Media

When is a Good Time for a Network Assessment?

Businesses about to experience a large-scale rollout that would change the nature of their network infrastructure may want to conduct a network assessment to secure a smooth transition. Whether the decision is to move to the cloud or switch to VoIP phones, business owners must understand where improvements within their network should be made.

You may also want to consider a network assessment if your technology is reaching the end of its lifecycle or nearing the end of support.

Look to the Future

As companies grow and change, their network does as well. A network assessment gives you a detailed view of the changes taking place and allows you to easily add workstations and other devices to your network seamlessly. Give the team at IPRO a call today to tackle your network challenges head-on.