The Impact of Technology on Healthcare

As technology continues to grow and change, it continues to impact our day-to-day activities. Healthcare is an industry experiencing the impact of technology due to the changing expectations of people and a number of advancements in technology designed for the healthcare industry.

Patient Expectations and Demand

As technology and mobility has opened the doors for mobile banking and instant access to just about anything you need via the internet on your smart phone or tablet, patient expectations for access and timely information has increased.

Patients expect to find information about their health online or schedule appointments via their computer or smart phone. Thousands of medical apps have been created to accommodate patient demand; as well as patient portals online.

Electronic Records

Most medical practices have converted, or are in the process of converting, their record keeping to electronic files. As a result of electronic files, most EHR vendors are also including automation for some tasks, like prescription renewals.

Virtual Doctor Visits

Some medical practices have even begun holding online patient appointments. For common complaints like sore throats, cough, or back pain, several new providers online can evaluate the patient’s health condition, including Doctors on Demand and Relay Health.


In highly remote areas where distance is a problem for patients to visit a medical practitioner, telemedicine has become a reality. Telemedicine can also be used for aging people or those who are unable to get out and to the doctor easily. Telemedicine can support such routine and non-emergency services including diabetes monitoring, blood pressure, heart rate monitoring, and medication.

Patient Confidentiality

All of the advancing technologies still require that patient confidentiality be upheld. The more we rely on technology in our health practices, the more we must ensure security and HIPAA privacy regulations are met. Security and privacy concerns should be left in the hands of professionals – like IPro Media.