Disaster Recovery

Is a disaster recovery plan really necessary?

In 1998, a crew of 30 dedicated employees had their souls collectively torn from their bodies. An animated film that they had been working on for over a year was almost completely lost in no more than 30 seconds. All because of a single deletion command and no plan for disaster recovery.

Before it got better, it got worse. The company had been making backups on a daily basis. But the animation team quickly discovered that the situation was much worse than anticipated. When they tried to restore the data from backups, they found it was completely corrupted.

The film seemed unrecoverable.

To redraw and reanimate the film would have taken the crew another full year (and that doesn’t account for foley work, editing, and everything else). Since the feature was scheduled to release in 11 months, their predicament seemed impossible.

But then a stroke of pure luck saved the film.

One employee remembered that she kept a working backup of the film. After recently giving birth, she was working on the film remotely. Once a week, she made a copy of the film and worked from that copy at home. With breakneck speed, she rushed home to retrieve that personal backup.

Like a sacred object, she brought her computer to the office, and 30 anxious employees prayed that it would work. They huddled around the monitor’s glow as it booted up.

The computer activated, and the missing files began to populate the screen.

While it wasn’t perfect, they lost only one week of work instead of the entire year’s worth. The film made a timely debut and enjoyed massive critical acclaim (it’s also commonly listed as one of the best animated films of all time).

The company was Pixar, and the film was Toy Story 2.

Disaster Recovery for You

Your organization may not hinge on the completion of one film – or even a singular, major project – but your data is just as important. Having a proper disaster recovery plan can help you to avoid near-catastrophic situations like Pixar’s.

Preparing for disaster recovery ensures that your business hits the ground running after someone (or something) stumbles and falls. With the right plan, you can be back to effective operational capacity in a matter of hours.

It’s simply not enough to have a backup solution. After all, Pixar had a backup, but it failed them when they needed it most. A proper disaster recovery solution includes thorough testing of regular backups in set intervals.

A disaster recovery plan isn’t something that naturally comes together. Creating one requires proper know-how and experience. In a similar vein, its effectiveness depends on reliable execution. Both require research to identify how the company operates and which areas are the biggest risks for downtime.

Defeat Disaster with IPRO

Planning ahead of a disaster is a smart decision that could determine your business future. With IPRO on your side, your company can develop a disaster recovery plan that will quickly and effectively restore any data that you’ve lost – to get your business back to normal.

Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you plan ahead for the worst (while you still have plenty of time).