How to Use LinkedIn for Business

March 19th, 2015 by admin

LinkedIn has over 347 MILLION registered members worldwide. According to the site, its members are in over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn’s reach is phenomenal and growing every month, adding more than two members every second of the day. LinkedIn also reports that its fastest growing demographic is current students and recent college graduates. Are you a part of the conversation on LinkedIn? If not, you can be. What are the Benefits of LinkedIn for Businesses? One of the most important features of LinkedIn is the free access to thousands of leads and networking opportunities. Business owners can engage with critical industry contacts, interact with prospects and followers, and give their companies a voice. Using LinkedIn is easy; you just have to take the steps to get started.   How to Use LinkedIn for Business A few simple steps will get you started with the largest professional networking site in the world. 1. Create your company page When you sign in to LinkedIn, select the ‘Add a Company’ link. You will have to set up a personal page first before LinkedIn provides you with access and tools to create and manage a company page. When you add your company page, remember you are selling yourself and your company. Add your company logo, your banner, and a business description that gets to the point and honors your brand’s image. When you are creating your page, keep your audience in mind. Look at user profiles for your target audience and explore their interests and pages they like. Once your page is established, link it to your other online sites, social media pages, blogs and email signatures. 2. Start gaining followers Let everyone know you and your business are on LinkedIn. An effective strategy for connecting with users you already know is linking your email address when you sign up. The site cross-references your email contacts with current users on the site. Doing so helps you find people and companies you already know. You can begin following existing users and ask them to follow you in return. If any of your employees are on LinkedIn, ask them to add your business to their employment information, and in return, this will make the users followers of your page. As a business with considerable amount of knowledge in your industry, you can join existing groups and lend your voice to the conversation while gaining a following at the same time. If you are looking for a new advertising strategy, LinkedIn has advertisement opportunities to assist business owners with increasing their online presence. 3. Get connected It is not enough to just create a company page and send it off on its way. The page needs to be engaging, interesting, and relevant. Ignite the conversation with class and ideas consistent with your brand’s value and image. Use articles, updates, media reports, and industry accolades to engage with your followers. You are promoting your company, so let your company shine, but do not get too wrapped up in yourself. Mention relevant industry news, offer educated and constructive insight into current events, and create a blog that provides consumers and prospects with valuable information. Use a variety of mediums, such as blogs, videos, photos, and articles, to ensure your page is fresh and relevant. It is important to maintain a regular posting schedule so that you are not overlooked throughout the month.  

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