Three Financial Benefits of Moving Business to the Cloud

May 21st, 2015 by admin

Do you want your business to be more successful and more flexible? Consider moving to the Cloud. Cloud computing let’s you focus on what is most important – your business. Save money and become more efficient simply by using cloud computing. Let’s take a look at three financial benefits of moving business to the Cloud. Save on Power Cloud computing requires less electricity, because your hardware is being better utilized. When you control and run your own data center, your servers are not working up to their full potential and idle servers waste energy and money. A cloud service provider will charge you less for energy than you would spend with your own data center. Lower Staffing Costs IT professionals are expensive, good IT professionals cost a fortune. When you move to the Cloud, some of the money that you pay for the service goes to the provider’s staffing costs, and it is generally an increasingly lesser amount that if you were to hire an in-house IT professional. Good IT people’s salaries, benefits and other employment costs more often than not, outweigh the actual cost of the software and hardware, moving to the Cloud eliminates these extra costs. Eliminate Capital Costs Running your own servers requires up-front capital costs, but with cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about financing that capital investment, because the cloud service provider will handle that. By eliminating capital costs you are making your business more profitable.

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