SMB Advantage of a Mitel Phone System

October 22nd, 2015 by admin

If you are searching for a new phone system for your small or medium sized business, the systems available through Mitel should be on your list of options. Are you hoping to collaborate more frequently with out of town colleagues? Mitel has a solution. Do you wish you could receive calls at the same number, whether you’re in the office or on the run? Mitel has a solution. Are you having difficulty connecting with an independent team? Mitel has a solution.   Available Equipment Mitel offers a huge range of phones to ensure you can find a great product, whatever your needs may be. The company’s line of business phones includes analog phones, IP phones, SIP phones, voice over WiFi phones, and DECT phones. They also offer peripherals for every type of phone and analog phone adaptors for the option of connecting to an IP network with your existing analog devices. The advantage of such a diverse product line to a smaller business is that no matter the budget, you will be sure to find products that fit your needs and that will help your business grow. Each of these products and services is fully backed up by Mitel’s expert technical support and customer care staff.   Budget Benefits of Mitel Unified Communications Determining how to provide excellent customer service, increase employee productivity and ensure pertinent information is reaching the people who need it, all while keeping telephony costs down, is a constant challenge for any small to medium sized business. This can be accomplished with a Mitel system based on a fully scalable IP platform. Both telephone calls and data usage are combined into the same network, which lowers the cost of maintenance and equipment, compared to a traditional phone system. And if you require additional phones or adaptors, ordering them from Mitel is much simpler than adding extra dedicated phone lines.   Meet MiVoice Office 250 MiVoice Office 250 is a unified communications network built specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Its unique combination of hardware and software will increase your staff’s productivity and ability to collaborate. The list of standard features is extensive, and includes line twinning, hot desking, meet-me conferencing and unified voice messaging. Using MiVoice Office 250, your team will experience an unprecedented level of connectivity, allowing members to work together as if everyone is in the same room, no matter their physical locations.   Mitel Mobile Mitel also provides traditional cell phones over its own wireless network. Consider the convenience of having every one of your business’ phones operating through the same provider. It would mean fewer calls for customer support and much more simplified billing. Mitel offers nationwide cell coverage and low priced voice/data/text plans for Android and Blackberry devices. Smartphones and tablets are both available through Mitel Mobile.

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