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July 9th, 2015 by admin

On this day, July 9th, 1948, in Texas History a significant event took place for our military heroes in Texas. A groundbreaking ceremony for veterans center ensured that our veterans would receive medical care in return for the great sacrifices they made for this country. The Bohnam Veterans Administration Hospital would cover four counties in northeastern Texas and two in southeastern Oklahoma. This facility was opened with the idea in mind that general medical and surgical treatment as well as nursing home care would be provided for our GIs so that none ever would suffer from untreated medical ailments. The ceremony took place near the site of the original Fort Inglish, and the principal orator for the ceremony was Sam Rayburn, the speaker of the United Stated House of Representatives.   History of the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center The first patient was admitted into the hospital in November, 1951. At the time, the director was D.L. Bell, who held the position until 1955. At a celebration for the hospital's tenth anniversary, the secretary of the navy at the time, John Connally, gave a moving speech. The hospital was renamed in 1973 and called the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center. By the year 2002 the capacity at the center was 370 beds, and the center had registered 101,000 outpatient visits with 867 admissions for inpatients. There are 400 employees at the center who provide general medicinal and psychiatric care to veterans in six counties. Their long-term rehabilitative services and extended care facilities are made up of a nursing home unit with 136 beds and a residential unit with 224 beds. An ambulatory-care program continues to expand, which includes an outpatient alcohol treatment unit and a mental hygiene clinic.   Sam Rayburn Center Helping With PSTD More and more of our veterans are coming back suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It has come to light that receiving help for the condition is essential to maintaining their health and even for their survival. A new outpatient clinic for mental health was opened in April of 2014 to offer more services to veterans who require them, and for those who may be afraid to ask for help. The new mental health suite has additional privacy and space, which is considered by experts to be beneficial to veterans with mental health disorders. With the added space, the center has already seen an increase in the number of veterans seeking help. Over 20 offices make up the mental health suite, adding to the space that medical professionals can use to offer more services. This is critical because officials at the center have seen an increase in the number of veterans suffering from mental health disorders over the past few years, to the point where they ran out of room to treat them.   The Sam Rayburn Memorial Veteran Center is located at: 1201 E. 9th Street Bohnam, TX 75418

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