Must Have Smartphone Apps for Attorneys

October 22nd, 2015 by admin

Not so long ago, the most important tools for an attorney were a legal pad, writing implement, and great memory. These things are still integral to the profession but lawyers today are missing out if they aren’t also taking advantage of some of the great apps geared toward people with legal careers. Whether you’re in your office, on the road, in court or at home, some or all of these smartphone apps can make your work life easier.   Time Master + Billing Time Master is one of many apps available to make time keeping simpler. It has been consistently highly rated for its customization options and ease of use. Time Master has excellent comprehensive functions for the two most important facets of an attorney’s day: tracking time in increments by either client or project and tracking business expenses. The app generates PDF invoices directly from your phone, and can upload data straight to Quickbooks. The timer function runs even when the app isn’t running, and multiple timers can be operating at the same time. The app also has a full range of data back up and restoration options in case of emergency. If you choose, Time Master can replace your desktop time keeping platform, saving your practice substantial monthly costs. Time Master is available for iPhones and costs $9.99 for the basic app.   WestlawNext Mobile Imagine being able to research your cases while in line for coffee, on the subway, or when you’re stuck at the courthouse between hearings. For several years, the mobile version of WestlawNext has been rated #1 among legal research apps. This app allows you access to all the functions you already trust when using WestlawNext: authoritative content, reliable current events and updated legal developments, and the expertise of its attorney-editors. The app is intuitively designed and has a very user-friendly layout and display, making it the go-to app for many law students and attorneys. It is also very fast, enabling you to make the best use of all of your time. The app is free, though a WestlawNext account is required, and is available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices.   Caliber Caliber is a contact search and messaging app meant for business people. Connecting with the people you’ve been looking for is simple, with features such as diverse keyword searching and easy instant messaging. Many attorneys rely heavily on LinkedIn as a professional networking tool, and Caliber complements a LinkedIn profile by giving you the ability to message your contacts directly without having to use LinkedIn InMail. Another perk is that instead of being bombarded with contact requests, Caliber notifies you weekly with a ranked list of requests, and deletes those you choose to ignore. Caliber is a free app and is available for both Android and Apple smartphones.

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