data is an intricate and crucial part of business that every successful company is dealing with today. We highlight three reasons that you should switch to using data centers. Why Businesses are Migrating to Data Centers in Droves

Why Businesses are Migrating to Data Centers in Droves

July 6th, 2017 by admin

Managing data is an intricate and crucial part of business that every successful company prioritizes today. It can be a seven-figure MES deployment checking their financial records. Or it can be someone meticulously managing the manufacturing information for a Fortune 500 company. It can even be using Excel spreadsheets to retain product or client information in a tiny startup company.  Regardless of the “who” and “what”, it’s clear that data management is not going to become less important as you grow. At IPRO, we understand how valuable your data is and we’re ready to help you migrate to a data center that suits your company’s needs – today and tomorrow. We’d like to take a moment to highlight the three reasons to switch to a data center, rather than staying with locally hosted servers.

Cost Savings

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of cloud-based data centers is the associated cost savings. Advancements in data storage technology have resulted in extremely low-cost storage options for businesses at every stage. Storing your data offsite in a data center allows for a reduction in IT operations overhead.  MIS/IT departments don’t need to worry about purchasing, maintaining and supporting those extra storage systems once the data transfer is complete.   There's no need for having a costly on-site, mission-critical data repository. The only thing to maintain is a steady internet connection. Easy enough, right? However, this isn’t the only advantage to switching over.

Disaster Aversion

In case natural disasters and hardware failure weren’t dangerous enough for you, there are a growing number of threats invading the web. From ransomware and cryptoware viruses to phishing scams, your data is constantly being sought out. The unfortunate truth is that 50 percent of small and mid-sized organizations reported suffering at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months. That’s not something to fear when you store your data in a data center. There, it is protected and replicated so that in the event of a catastrophe, you can recover your information and business can continue. Additionally, the physical data center locations are bastions of security, often permitting only badge-cleared engineers to access the servers. So with the possibility of disaster averted, what else can data centers offer your company?

Accessibility and Bandwidth  

“Oh!  That’s so cool.  I didn’t know that!”  You wouldn’t believe how often we hear this when we assist people with their data migration. Most people don’t realize that accessing your files from a data center saves an incredible amount of bandwidth. In addition, you can retrieve your stored files from anywhere that offers an internet connection. This means that you can use your phone to access files via the web or use your laptop in a busy airport to continue working, all without skipping a beat. You can reach your files using a simple but secure hyperlink instead of VPNing into your network or sending documents through email. Organizations around the world are migrating to cloud-based data centers.  Over the past decade, we’ve helped outline and administer successful data migrations for a large variety of companies.  Trying to manage your growing amount of sensitive data alone is not as safe, nor is it cost-effective.  So why would you continue doing it knowing that IPRO Media is here to help? You can’t go wrong by partnering with us!  

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