5 Technology Tips to Improve your Business in 2015

February 26th, 2015 by admin

This could be YOUR year! In 2015, companies need to step up their game if you hope to remain competitive in today's market. Consumers are more informed, more mobile, and utilizing more technology than ever before. Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, have to rethink the way they do business and adapt to the connectivity in today's mobile world. Below are a few strategies and technology tips to improve the success of your business in 2015. 1) Adopt the Mobile Mindset. Mobile technology is fully integrated into everyday life. From business to pleasure, people are utilizing smartphones and tablets for everyday tasks. Research shows that people are quite attached to their technology, and that is the driving force behind the new mobile mindset. Customers are mobile, so businesses need to be as well. Integrating mobile solutions enables businesses to not only connect to customers through apps and websites, but keep their attention. 2) Don't Lose the Human Aspect. Remember the customer behind the device. Engage customers and potential customers through social media. Humanize the business instead of becoming a faceless company. Of course, this is all done to win over customers, to gain their business...but take off the marketing hat once in a while and really connect. Have conversations with followers. Post peeks behind the scenes. It's all about establishing that connection, and keeping it. 3) Remote Network Access. Whether it's via a cloud, terminal services, or a remote technology application like LogMeIn, businesses have data that needs to accessible remotely. No matter where, no matter when; the staff who are telecommuting, teams out on sales calls, or key players who are on vacation. Forget an important document? No problem, access it from any device and even be able to transmit it to a local printer. 4) Proactive IT vs Reactive IT. 24/7 monitoring and maintenance saves money, and more importantly, prevents down time. With the obvious importance of websites being up and running, system crashes could be devastating to a bottom line. Routine monitoring and regular maintenance keeps business ahead of problems, by catching little problems before they become big ones. 5) Professional Organizations. In the wake of so many technical ways to be successful, sometimes businesses lose sight of traditional ones. There are a couple of types of organizations that businesses should join; local, and industry.
  • Local: Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Business Association. This is where the business resides, where your employees live.
  • Industry: Specific industry or trade associations.
When you become members of professional organizations, you usually get a link to your website on their website, which can also help people find you online.  

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