5 Key Benefits to Email Encryption

August 20th, 2015 by admin

With all the issues surrounding data security today, we are hearing a lot about “encryption”. Encryption is the process of changing information in a manner that makes it unreadable to anyone except those with the knowledge to change it back to its readable form, often called a decryption “key”. While it makes sense to encrypt sensitive data for your business like customer credit card numbers, encrypting company emails is equally as important. Since so many employees spend a great deal of time conducting business over email, it is worth giving more attention to the security of these messages, and be sure that only the intended recipients of the email are able to access its contents. Here we explain 5 key benefits to email encryption.  
  1. Protect Secret Information
This is the most common reason companies choose to encrypt their emails. Many businesses use encrypted emails to protect corporate secrets, and the government does it to protect classified information. When you're sending information about business deals and finances over emails, it is important that only those with the decryption key access them so that your company is not at risk for a takeover. No one wants their trade secrets to be revealed.  
  1. HIPAA Compliance
For those in the medical field, keeping your patients' health information private is essential to keeping your practice up and running. If you do not meet HIPAA compliance standards, you run the risk of being sued or even shut down. Encrypted emails give the extra insurance needed so that any patient information in this form is protected from unauthorized parties trying to get access to their records.  
  1. Cost Efficiency
When making use of a secure, encrypted email server, you do not have to purchase any additional software or fees per user. All essential features for encryption are included within the email service for use on an as-needed basis.  
  1. Time Efficiency
Time is money in the business world, so eliminating any extra steps to the process of encryption is valuable. With the systems used today, individuals no longer have to open multiple programs, follow several steps or save more than one copy of the same file to secure email messages and attachments. Features can be viewed on one screen, the ones needed can be checked off and then simply press “send”. The provider will handle all the processing while the message is in transit.  
  1. No Spam Attachments
Nothing is worse than when you find out a spam email has been sent out to everyone in your contact list with your name attached to it. It can make you look unprofessional and show how shaky your email server is. With email encryption, you can attach a digital signature to every email you send. Regardless of whether the recipient has decryption software or not, they will be able to easily tell if the email has really been sent by you, or if it is spam. This way, more people will put trust in your emails and in your business.   Contact IPRO with any questions you have about email encryption for your business.

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