discuss 4 productivity apps for accountants that are sure to make doing your job much easier ‒ and your days more productive and engaging.

4 Productivity Apps for Accountants

September 6th, 2018 by admin

Apps are making every area of our lives easier. Things like banking, dating, fitness, taking videos, and getting directions have all been simplified by a swipe and a few taps of our fingers. In order to stay on top in your career, it makes sense to keep up with the latest technology that applies to your field. Not only will it make you appear more professional, but staying on top of cutting-edge technology can improve your job performance. Below, we discuss 4 productivity apps for accountants that are sure to make doing your job much easier ‒ and your days more productive.

1. Zoho Books

Good accountants are always juggling several projects at one time. While you may have your own system down, there is an easier way to manage multiple accounts. The Zoho Books app is a simple way to keep track of all your expenses, make direct automated payments to the bank, and send invoices. After all, the faster you can get an invoice out, the faster you can get paid. Zoho Books will help you better organize and track your expenses with visuals that break your spending into categories. With an easy-to-read pie chart in front of you, it's easy to see where you need to make cuts or what can be deducted at the end of the year on your taxes.

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You can also create time sheets, quotes, reports and transactions from anywhere and at any time. This app is an all-around helpful tool for accountants to manage the back office items in their business, as well as a tool to take care of their cclient's accounting needs.

2. FreeAgent Accounting

FreeAgent Accounting is an app that allows accountants to collaborate more productively with clients, especially if you’re based out of office. One of the highlights of the FreeAgent Accounting app is its automatic alerts in real time that focus on deadlines and issues in the books of your clients.

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You even have the option to click to the highlighted issue and resolve it at that moment. You share the same overview with your client, and you can control what access the client has to other operations in the app. We love it because it eliminates confusion and doubling of efforts.

3. Adobe Sign (Formerly EchoSign)

When you’re an accountant, it’s par for the course that you’ll be signing off on tons of documents. And when you’re working remotely, it can make it increasingly difficult to get your ol’ John Hancock on an important piece of paper. Thankfully, Adobe Sign is an amazing app that allows users to create a secure link to a document and send it to a client. The client then reviews and signs electronically over the browser and sends it back. The accountant also has the ability to sign electronically. There’s no scanning, email chains, or attachments necessary – thereby speeding up the entire process.

4. Accounting Today

The Accounting Today app is the digital, mobile version of its print magazine, which is the news resource for tax and accounting professionals. If you are an accountant that wants to stay current on everything related to today’s accounting… you really should check out this app. Accounting Today’s mobile app includes all print magazine items, story saving and clipping, podcasts, video streaming, and more.

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Make these apps a part of your daily accounting routine and you’ll see great results.

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