Data center for HIPAA Compliance

Data Centers Can Help to Stay Within HIPAA Compliance

If you have to handle or access electronic personal health information (ePHI), then you also need to comply with HIPAA standards and regulations. Data centers assist you with maintaining full compliance with ease.
Not cloud computing

What Cloud Computing Isn't

While the term cloud computing may conjure up images of sentient thunder clouds that crunch numbers and organize spread sheets, the reality is much less fantastical (sorry to disappoint).
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration – It’s Not as Big a Headache as You Think

We take a moment to discuss some of the most impressive and beneficial results of migrating some of your resources to the cloud.
Birds Migrating

Why Businesses are Migrating to Data Centers in Droves

Managing data is an intricate and crucial part of business that every successful company is dealing with today. We highlight three reasons that you should switch to using data centers.
A man hacking a computer, so that he can enter your network.

The Biggest Threat to Network Security

What is the biggest threat to your network security? It’s the people that are already within your company.
Network security specialist working to defend network

The Modern Necessity of a Network Security Specialist

Network security specialists are professionals that safeguard your company data. These specialists will provide full management of firewalls and antivirus efforts, as well as managing the ongoing security needs of your business.
Cybersecurity for you

What Are You Doing About Your Cybersecurity?

Learn a few things that your business can do to prepare for a cyberattack. Having a few organized steps can be the key difference in how much the cyberattack affects you.
Youve been hacked with ransomware

Don’t Become Yet Another Victim of Ransomware

Real-world ransomware attacks happen all of the time. Learn some basic ways to defend yourself against ransomware attacks, as well as the best solution to avoiding them altogether.
Network Database

Less-Than-Ideal Resources for Building Your Network Database

Your network database is a bit like a football team, if you think…

Building Your Healthcare Network Infrastructure

Building your healthcare infrastructure is no easy task. We know…