Data security

Know Your Data Is Safe with Enhanced Data Security from IPRO

With enhanced data security from IPRO, you can rest assured that your data is completely secured. But what steps go towards knowing your data is secure?
Disaster Recovery

Is a Disaster Recovery Plan Really Necessary?

In 1998, a crew of 30 dedicated employees had their souls collectively…
Data Backup Plan

A Business Continuity Plan Is Not Simply Arranging for Data Backup

Data backups are only a small part of a proper business continuity plan. With 93% of businesses closing permanently after a disaster, it’s vital to have a plan that will fully restore your operations.
Telecom services in hospital.

For Hospitals, Telecom Services Are Paramount

Every day, tens of thousands of patients make their way in and out of hospitals around the world. Having the proper telecom services in place in a hospital can make the difference between life and death.
Carrier services are like steak

Carrier Services Are A Lot Like Fine Steak

Filet mignon. Flat iron. Brisket.   You’ve just…
Carrier Services with IPRO

Why Your IT Provider Should Handle Carrier Management

Learn some compelling reasons as to why having IPRO handle your carrier management is the best decision for your company.
Carrier Services from IPRO Media

What Are Carrier Services, Anyway?

When we say “carrier services” at IPRO, we’re talking about our process for finding you the right telecom company that meets your specific company needs.
Data center for HIPAA Compliance

Data Centers Can Help to Stay Within HIPAA Compliance

If you have to handle or access electronic personal health information (ePHI), then you also need to comply with HIPAA standards and regulations. Data centers assist you with maintaining full compliance with ease.
Not cloud computing

What Cloud Computing Isn't

While the term cloud computing may conjure up images of sentient thunder clouds that crunch numbers and organize spread sheets, the reality is much less fantastical (sorry to disappoint).
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration – It’s Not as Big a Headache as You Think

We take a moment to discuss some of the most impressive and beneficial results of migrating some of your resources to the cloud.