Digital cloud for OPEX

Innovating with Cloud-Based Healthcare Software

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm, and nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare industry.
CAPEX IT Spending through Cloud Computing

Say Goodbye to Giant CAPEX Bills

When it comes to your business IT expenditures, budget efficiency…

OPEX vs. CAPEX: An IT Budget Title Fight

Perhaps no single issue has more potential to turn your C-level IT strategy meeting into a business version of the Octagon cage than the OPEX vs. CAPEX debate.

Cloud Computing and Your IT Budget: 3 Reasons OPEX Is the Path Forward for Your Business IT

Regardless of the industries, every business’s budget comes down to the push and pull between CAPEX and OPEX.

How to Maximize Your IT Budget Effectiveness

Businesses are always short on two key ingredients: time and money. Here are some tips on how to save money while running your business more efficiently.
Network Assessments

In Healthcare, Regular Network Assessments are Critical Preventative Care Practices

Your patients’ health probably ranks at the top of your daily…
Poker Tells Network Assessment

Poker "Tells" and Lessons in Network Assessment

A good Texas Hold Em’ player is an expert at assessing risk…
Network Assessment

What a Good Network Assessment Can Tell You

In weightlifting, it’s not uncommon to employ the help of a professional trainer to watch your form.
network assessment

When Was Your Last Network Assessment?

Here in Texas, we have a saying: The quickest way to double your…

The Importance of a Network Assessment

Building a strong and reliable network is like laying out a structured foundation for your business operations. When your network isn’t working – neither are your employees or your business.