Network Assessment

What a Good Network Assessment Can Tell You

In weightlifting, it’s not uncommon to employ the help of a professional trainer to watch your form.
network assessment

When Was Your Last Network Assessment?

Here in Texas, we have a saying: The quickest way to double your…

The Importance of a Network Assessment

Building a strong and reliable network is like laying out a structured foundation for your business operations. When your network isn’t working – neither are your employees or your business.
Medical E-Fax

E-Fax Introduces Process Automation for the Healthcare Industry

Medical practices are typically short on two important things – time and money.
Fax Machine Destruction

Why You Should Kill Your Fax Machine

We don’t recommend taking a baseball bat to your fax machine (but if you do, we’d like to see it).

It’s Time to Drop Fax Machines for E-Fax

The year is 1980. Someone, somewhere with a mullet is headed to the Toto “Hydra” concert in their brand-new Pontiac Trans-Am. Once the rockin’ concert ends, this free spirit will end up back at their office 9-5 job in front of a fax machine.

The Modern Fax Machine Is Now E-Fax

130 pounds – that’s around the average combined weight of a pug patiently sitting on top of a medium-sized dresser. It’s also how much the typical fax machine weighs. But unlike a pug and a dresser, the ‘ol fax machine sits in the corner of an office and takes up space, in a boring fashion.

Modernizing Your Communications with E-Fax

Can you recall the last time you loaded a pile of paper into a fax machine, dialed a number, and hit send? For some of us, it may not have been too long ago. Before the internet, faxing was one of the most popular ways of electronically sending documents and data. Although fax machines have become less popular, the concept of faxing has adapted to modern IT by shifting to the internet.
Business Communications

Business Communications and BBQ Sauce

In America, BBQ is sacred. Many people enjoy eating flavorful barbecued meat that includes mouth-watering ribs, brisket, sausage, pork, chicken, and more. And right alongside that BBQ comes a healthy helping of homemade BBQ sauce.
Unified Communications in modern business.

The Top 3 Benefits of Implementing Unified Communications in Your Organization

Unified communications, also known simply as UC, is a way of pulling together all of your communication tools into a singular, unified stream. The popularity of unified communications is skyrocketing – its market size is predicted to reach $96 billion by 2023.