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Best Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Today’s lawyers have a lot on their plates.  Attorneys are constantly keeping up with changes in regulations, security and confidentiality while staying afloat during tough economic times. As all of this is going on, technology continues to expand its reach into all facets of business, including law firms.  Lawyers now must face the fact that technology has impacted their livelihood. A good practice that wants to keep up with the competition must educate themselves and implement new technologies into their practice. Below we discuss some of the most popular apps for lawyers today, which are making their work easier and their firms able to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.

Fastcase iPad App

When a lawyer is looking to see if there has been a precedent set for a case, there is no need to spend time searching through legal documents and books.  Fastcase for iPad is an app that allows lawyers to take their comprehensive database of federal and state case law statutes with them wherever they go. Now whether in court, at your desk or conference room, you can pull up valuable legal information in an instant. Fastcase uses a legal research tool that lets attorneys sort the most relevant results to the top of the list, re-sort and customize results and incorporate citation analysis tools directly into the results list.


Another one of the best apps for lawyers for the iPad is TrialPad. This award-winning app lets lawyers easily organize case presentations for the courtroom. TrialPad includes high quality presentation tools that highlight text, callout parts of documents, make side-by-side document comparisons, show and edit video clips, search text, add exhibit stickers to documents and much more. Display images and exhibits using a monitor and projector and everyone in the courtroom will be impressed by how thorough and organized your presentation is.


One of the best apps for lawyers for use with Androids is the Congress app that helps you keep track of the latest in what’s going on in Congress. This app makes it easy to read the newest laws and bills and track our elected officials. See how your local representatives vote by using your location as well as call your representative’s office, view their website and which bills they sponsored. To find a specific bill, enter a keyword and the Congress app will find all the bills that contain that keyword.  To get any updates to a bill, tap on it and you’ll receive notifications.


SignMyPad is one of the best apps for lawyers for use with an iPad. SignMyPad lets attorneys sign, fill out and send PDF documents fast and efficiently with a legally binding signature. SignMyPad is able to load PDF documents from cloud or email service, let users sign with a stylus or finger, automatically fill in form fields, add photos to documents, print to a compatible AirPrint printer, save PDFs from email for organized storage and easy access on mobile devices and more.